Our Story


We are Dominique and Natalia, two sisters with a passion for creativity. We were born and raised in Blairstown, a little farm town in northern New Jersey. Growing up, we were surrounded by so much love and support for us to become kind humans and to become the best versions of ourselves. As soon as we were able to hold a pencil or crayon as little kids, we would sit at the kitchen table and spend hours creating. It was our happy place then and still is today. The roots of this creative journey started as those two little girls who found joy making something beautiful out of nothing - sitting at the kitchen table creating, baking with our mom, or spending time outdoors in the vegetable garden we proudly planted each year. 

At the ages of eight and nine we hosted our first little sale of handmade greeting cards and jewelry to benefit charity outside of our family's annual vacation rental in Long Beach Island, NJ. This became an annual tradition and began to grow and expand as our way to serve others. Flash forward to today all those years later, we are still at the core those two hearts who love to create. We are proud to create beautiful + timeless calligraphy and art and to continue to serve those in need. We do so by donating 10% of our sales to The Fisher House Foundation. We are so happy to be here with you, friends. Cheers to doing more of what makes you happy.

Thoughtfully Yours, 


"I love working with Dominique and Thoughtfully Yours! They are my "go to" for custom pieces. Beautiful work and just honestly a joy to work with."   - Crissy S. 

"We used Thoughtfully Yours for custom pieces for my bridal shower and wedding. The entire process was not only seamless but SO supportive. It was obvious that each item was created with passion and intention. Dominique & Natalia brought our ideas to life and we are so grateful. They're so talented and genuinely great people. 10/10 absolutely recommend and will use again!" - Jillian M. 

"It came yesterday! I love it, it’s beautiful! Thank you both for creating such beautiful, and unique items! You ladies are the best!" - Mary A.